Eligibility Criteria


Individuals or groups

Hold all intellectual property rights for ideas, concepts and healthcare innovations that are presented
Are prepared to invest in the product development and/or launch over the next 12 to 24 months
Are Canadian citizens or permanent residents
Are available for a telephone or in-person interview
Are facing no current litigation against them personally or against their company
Idea, Startup, Growth


The project must be innovative and related to predictive or preventive medicine
The project must be at the initial development stage (advanced concept, prototyping, validation, design) or at the preliminary marketing stage
If the project isn’t currently in-market, or doesn’t have proof of concept, a prototype or a feasibility study, its viability must be demonstrated

Ineligible Categories

Health and wellness practices (physical activity, yoga, meditation, nutrition, alternative health/medical practices)
Healthcare innovations in the initial idea phase (ideas only)

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